Australian ISP
Aussie ISP offers 4 group of ADSL products with varying prices, speed and download quota. The lowest they offer is plan 256-lite for $25.95, upload and download speed of 256k/64k and the download quota is 3gig. The highest is 512-512 max at $79.95 at 512k/512k upload and download speed with a download quota of 15gig.
IInet have 10 groups of broadband plans. The lowest they offer is Home 1 which should be bundled with a phone line at $29.95, no specification on speed and quota. The highest they offer is for broadband2+ plans bundled with Phone 1 and iiTalkpack– home 7 at $179.90, ADSL2+ speeds, with quota of 60gig for off-peak plus 80gig for high-peak.
Isp offers 13 plans wiht varying speed and quota. The lowest plan is at $33.00 with speed of 256kbps/64kbps and quota of 3GB. The highest is $88.00 with speed of 8mbps/384kbps and quota of 30GB.
Internode offers 5 home adsl plans, $34.95 is their lowest plan while $69.95 is their highest.
The speed for the lowest plan is 256/64 kbps with 5gig of quota and 1500/256 kbps for the highest speed with 40 Gbytes of quota.

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