Marketing your business

163148_the_marketing_eraAfter launching your business you still have to market it in order for the public to know your services and that your business exist. There are many ways to market your business traditional and non-traditional marketing schemes have been practiced for many years and it will be a combination of the four P’s (Product, Price, Placement and Promotion) of marketing that will ensure your success. Advertising falls under promotion.

Here are the traditional forms of advertising.
Television advertising – This form will reach more number of people however it has a lot of loss in terms of targeting the right market. This form also is the most expensive of all.

Radio Advertising – This will reach a broader number of people but the same as a television ad it is more costly and has a lot of loss in target market reach.

Print Advertising – This one can be targeted to your niche market but you have to pick the right magazine for this one. A lot of company uses this because the ad is permanent on the issue unlike in radio and tv wherein the slot given will be only for a few seconds.

Brochures or Flyers – This option is inexpensive and you will have more chance to explain your product or service.

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Analyze your Competitions

1092493_trackIn every business there will always be strengths and weakness and it is important that you know yours. Knowing your strength gives you leverage over your competitors so you know which part of your business you would want to push on your marketing strategies.

It is also imperative that you understand your competitors weakness. This way you can develop a product or service that can fight the rival company using their weakness. But how will you analyze the competitor?

Here is a checklist of some points that you can investigate when analyzing.

  • Product/Service Features
  • Price
  • Indirect Costs
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Perceived value
  • Customer relationships
  • location
  • delivery time
  • convenience
  • credit policies
  • customer service
  • social image

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What makes an Entrepreneur

1. They have passion in everything they do.
2. They have endless desire to learn.
3. They are willing to try new things and experiment.
4. They work hard.
5. They are persistent and patient.
6. They have a vision.
7. They are creative.
8. They are innovative.
9. They seek opportunities.
10. They are persuasive.
11. They value networking.
12. They have a word of honor.
13. They only pursue calculated risk and intelligent guesses.
14. They are efficient and will demand the same from the others.
15. They are systematic.
16. They are confident.

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Starting an export business

1072845_freighterExporting is exchanging of wealth between countries. Exporting is simply selling to a more worldwide market. This means of selling gives great benefits to small and medium scale business who are finding it difficult to penetrate the local market or there are no market existing on the country and exporting requires less capital investment.

Exporting is also heavily supported by government agencies and sometimes there are also detractors from the importing countries. Of course, local businesses will be affected from importing goods and services.

Exporting is not an easy venture and there are many complexities involved such as cultural differences, conflicting trade theories, and opposing political policies.

There has been an exponential increase in export and import for the past decade between many nations and it is time to consider doing so as well.

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Australian ISP
Aussie ISP offers 4 group of ADSL products with varying prices, speed and download quota. The lowest they offer is plan 256-lite for $25.95, upload and download speed of 256k/64k and the download quota is 3gig. The highest is 512-512 max at $79.95 at 512k/512k upload and download speed with a download quota of 15gig.
IInet have 10 groups of broadband plans. The lowest they offer is Home 1 which should be bundled with a phone line at $29.95, no specification on speed and quota. The highest they offer is for broadband2+ plans bundled with Phone 1 and iiTalkpack– home 7 at $179.90, ADSL2+ speeds, with quota of 60gig for off-peak plus 80gig for high-peak.
Isp offers 13 plans wiht varying speed and quota. The lowest plan is at $33.00 with speed of 256kbps/64kbps and quota of 3GB. The highest is $88.00 with speed of 8mbps/384kbps and quota of 30GB.
Internode offers 5 home adsl plans, $34.95 is their lowest plan while $69.95 is their highest.
The speed for the lowest plan is 256/64 kbps with 5gig of quota and 1500/256 kbps for the highest speed with 40 Gbytes of quota.

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Project Management

There are many online project management tools on the net that people can utilize to improve productivity. It is vital for a small-business company to manage projects effectively.


Imagine sending an email on project updates to a wrong client or sending an outdated invoice that has already been paid. This is where project management tools can show its uses to a project manager who is finding it difficult to keep up with so many things to do.

What to look for in a Project Management Software

  • ability to assign tasks to members of the team with ease
  • inform client of project status on demand
  • efficiently track time spent on each task/project
  • send correct invoice to clients

Try Proworkflow and see if this software meets your need.

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Google Apps Overview

Google apps is a collaboration and communication service provide by google to sme businesses. The premium edition is $50/user/year. You will have gmail, calendar, google docs, google sites and google videos.

You can have an option to register your own domain and use the google apps services for that domain. A domain normally costs $10.

Then you can customize the site and upload your own logo and customize the colors of the interface.

Google apps allows keeps your data private by having a log-in only for users that you will add. So no unknown personnel can register and access your data.

What is good about this is you don’t have to maintain a server, all data are securely stored at google.

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Starting your own business

Many people would like to put up their own business someday. If you are thinking of having one be ready first with an overview on the process of starting one.

First: You have to assess first if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Do you have the traits and mind of a businessmen?

Second: If you think you have what it takes to be entrepreneur ask yourself also if you have a business idea that will make it.

Third: After you have come up with a great business idea it’s time to do some research on your market.

Fourth: Plan your business. Write a business plan – this will put solidity to your ideas.

Fifth: Register your business and organize it. Register with government agencies concerned with your business. Organize your space and staff.

Sixth: Finance your business from your personal savings and if you don’t have enough get help from families and friends or consider taking a loan.

Seventh: Produce your initial product or put together a list of services.

Eight: Launch your business and manage it well.

What do you think? Does it sound easy?

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Time Management for Project Managers

1089143_e_i_g_h_tProject managers are often faced with the dilemma of managing their time. The influx of tasks to be done at the same time can be very distressing. Most of these tasks have the same level of priority which can make a project manager baffled on how and where to start.

Effective time management is the key to handling multiple tasks easily. This is a skill that every project managers should exercise at all times.

Time and Goal Awareness
First thing that a project manager should do is to be aware of his/her use of time. Being aware not only means knowing but also analyzing. Analyze how time is spent during the day at during the week. Find out if there is an emerging pattern. Find out how much time was spent doing the tasks needed to complete a project. List down each task and the time spent doing it. Then list down any patterns transpiring during the week. Check those tasks done in a week if it leads to completing project goals.

Planning Time to Meet Project Goals
Start planning time to meet project goals by eliminating tasks that can be delegated. Combine recurring tasks done everyday that can be done in a few hours a day. Tasks should be scheduled in chronological order in order to eliminate going back and forth doing it. Allot a day in a week to schedule meetings. Allot time for answering queries from members and colleagues and inform them about it. Allot a few hours of free time which serves as contingency. Allot time in a week for reviewing tasks completed and plan for the next week’s agenda.

Time management in the workplace is crucial in the success or failure of a project or a leader. Analyzing and planning time is just the beginning. A project manager should follow the plan and learn how to deal with tasks that is not on schedule. A project manager can use a project management software to schedule and manage his/her time.

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